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About us


To teach Special Needs swimmers how to be independent in the water, thereby increasing their safety and awareness in the water.

To provide Special Needs swimmers with the tools, discipline, and athletic ability to be top competitors in the sport of swimming.

To give theses special needs swimmers the gift of an athletic skill that they can continue to use throughout their life.  Our focus is the teaching of swimming as a life gift for safety, health and excellence.


Hard Work

Our swimmers learn the rewards that come from hard work.  From the time they enter the pool until they leave, they are encourage to give 110%.


Safety is a major component of the program, teaching swimmers to respect the dangers present in the water, as well as safety in the environment around the pool.  Safety is our #1 concern and primary learning target for all of our swimmers.

Professional experience

With over 32 years of  experience teaching Special Needs swimmers, Coach Levy brings an invaluable amount of experience to the program.  

Consistency and quality of service

Swimmers are provided with the highest degree of professional instruction, taught by their specific coach. Swimmers sessions begin on-time, at the agreed upon time.  


Swimmers are expected to be respectful while taking class.  For many of our Special Needs athletes, learning the ritual of a simple handshake, saying "Hello",  "Good Morning", "Good afternoon" and "Thank You" can be a challenge.  Coach Levy incorporates these, and other, rituals into the swim lesson, teaching the swimmers courtesy. Swimmers and parents are expected to be respectful, and will work together with Coach to develop these skills, when necessary.

All participants and families will respect the pool space, other patrons, and staff at all times, showing themselves to be examples of respect in the community.

Individual attention

Swimmers may be instructed in small group settings, large classes, individual lessons, as well parent-involved lessons, depending on the need and skill level of the swimmer. The coaching staff will determine when a swimmer has met the criteria to move to a more advanced class.  Our goal is for all of our swimmers to develop skills strong enough to begin competing in a group.


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Creative in research and teaching.


What an amazing journey we have been on with Coach. He has turned our son into a "Champ!" We were lucky enough to meet Coach at a special needs swim night the county was hosting. We had been looking for years to find someone to teacher our son to swim. Thomas has always loved the water, but we were unable to teach him to swim. We started off with individual lesson with Coach. He immediately made a connection with Thomas. He and Thomas worked for months on basic skills in the instructional pool. Then one day Coach decided it was time to go to the big pool; he was very confident in Thomas's abilities and he and Thomas got in the 12 foot. Since Thomas was unable to touch the bottom, he had to use his newly learned skills and we saw how well Thomas could truly swim for the first time. This was a moment of relief for my husband and I, we now knew he could truly swim if he got into water without us knowing. We then moved to group lessons and Thomas continued to grow his skills. Just recently Coach invited us to try STR for special needs swimmers. Thomas and I went to his first practice. Thomas still needed some assistance so I got in the pool with him. It was one of the most awesome experiences ever, to see the smile on his face a he beamed with pride as we did laps with other swimmers. Coach is amazing, we have enjoyed every minute of our journey and can't wait to see what is around the corner for our "Champ."

---Beth Richard, 10 year old son with Autism

Our family has been working with Coach Levy and Global Adaptive Aquatics for two and a half years. Our special needs daughter is 4.5 years old. She has made so much progress in the time we have been working with Coach. She is now able to swim independently for about 6-10 feet, is able to swim under water, and hold her breath for near 20 seconds. She is so relaxed in the water and enjoys her time with Coach so much. This program has enabled us to find an activity that our children are able to do together, as well as give my daughter the opportunity to participate in a sport with her neurotypical peers. She has an amazing, special bond with Coach, and really enjoys their time together in the pool. This experience is teaching her a lot about hard work and the discipline that athletics can teach you. We could not be more happy!

---Katy Reading, 4 year old daughter with Autism


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